Family Law

One of the most emotional practice areas, family law necessitates sensitive support from legal professionals who truly care about the wellbeing of their clients’ loved ones. Tom Davidson’s empathetic nature has earned him an impressive reputation throughout San Angelo and in surrounding communities. From conservatorship to spousal maintenance, he is willing to tackle a variety of complex family matters.

Approaches to Divorce and Separation

Contentious courtroom appearances receive the bulk of the public’s attention, but many divorces are peacefully resolved through mediation and collaboration. No single solution is ideal for all clients, but those eager to keep the cost and length of the divorce process to a minimum typically aim to avoid litigation. In divorces involving mediation, a third-party individual is called upon to help divorcing spouses come to mutually-beneficial arrangements regarding finances and childcare. Those who pursue mediation often elect to retain legal counsel. Consulting attorneys can help these clients make prudent decisions.

An increasingly popular middle ground between mediation and litigation, collaborative divorce is an effective form of alternative dispute resolution that takes the input of clients, lawyers, and outside experts into account. During this process, spouses consult with a team of advisors, who provide valuable feedback on a variety of concerns, including finances and childcare. Through collaborative divorce, spouses with differing views are able to arrive at acceptable arrangements without having to deal with the hassle of litigation. This approach sets the tone for cooperative co-parenting.

In some cases, divorce litigation is unavoidable. If courtroom appearances prove necessary, it is important to work with a zealous family lawyer who possesses a long history of litigation success. The right attorney can secure favorable outcomes for legal disputes involving property division, spousal maintenance, child custody (conservatorship) and visitation (access).

Tom Davidson Attorney at Law: Compassionate Family Counsel

Tom Davidson understands the emotional nature of the divorce process and how families can easily be torn apart through drawn-out litigation. Although he strives to protect the best interests of his clients and their children, he also believes that all parties benefit when divorces and separations are carried out in as amicable a manner as possible. He consistently promotes a spirit of cooperation but also offers aggressive courtroom representation when necessary. Regardless of your preferred approach to divorce and separation, you can count on Tom Davidson Attorney at Law for compassionate legal support.

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